Moving out of your family home for the first time is a huge step. Something that I, personally, was very ready for. It’s an experience that I knew I’d learn a lot from but some of the things that I did actually learn surprised me. Here are a few of those things:

I’ve suddenly aged about 20 years.

The highlight of my week is coming home to a clean kitchen and washed pots, my evenings are spent watching some trash TV and then going to sleep as early as possible and I live for the times when I can sit and do nothing.

Socks literally just disappear into thin air. 

I was under the impression that washing my own socks would mean that I would always keep them in pairs as they wouldn’t get mixed up with anyone else’s. How wrong I was… Where on Earth do they go?! Someone please explain.

Ikea is my best friend.

Moving into an unfurnished apartment and getting to choose my own furniture seemed like a great idea until one Google search for a kitchen table nearly gave me a heart attack. Looks like the entire Malm Ikea range will do just fine instead.

Budgeting is a must.

It’s not easy but getting to the end of the month and realising that you don’t have enough money left to do a food shop is not ideal. Having separate bank accounts for necessities and leisure makes life 100x easier.


The bathroom doesn’t just stay clean after you’ve cleaned it once. 

I spend my days off work cleaning the whole apartment top to bottom just for it to get dirty again, within a day. No wonder housewives exist, cleaning an entire house must be a full time job.

Things don’t just magically stock up themselves. 

There isn’t a magical endless supply of toilet roll or replacement toothbrushes, you actually have to go out and buy them yourself.

Nothing can ever prepare you for the first supermarket shop.

Stocking up on every type of herbal tea (that I don’t drink) just incase you have people round and buying enough baked beans and tinned tomato soup to survive a zombie apocalypse is expensive! That initial shock when the cashier tells you the cost of the shop is something that can never be prepared for.

Parents are not superheroes. 

They are humans, just like us. They spend most of their lives cleaning, cooking and tidying up after us and all we give them in return is a sky-high pile of dirty plates to wash when we decide to bring them out from our caves. I appreciate your hard work a lot more now, mum.

Having your own space is amazing.

I enjoy spending time on my own so having my own space to do whatever I want is something that I will never take for granted. The sense of freedom is what makes all the struggles worthwhile and I absolutely love it!



  1. This reminds me of moving out ( many moons ago) and sitting on deck chairs with windows covered in newspaper 😉 So glad you are happy 😀😘


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