I finally made it to Paris! Only 3 years later… (for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, let’s just say it’s been a long time coming).

I’d made myself a long list of things I wanted to do and see in Paris and amongst those was to see a show at either Moulin Rouge or Le Lido.

Ever since my mum brought home the fabulous programmes from her trips to Paris, I had wanted experience a Parisian cabaret.

I chose Le Lido (over Moulin Rouge) because it just always seemed more glamorous to me – whether that’s true, I do not know, as I’ve yet to experience the Moulin Rouge – and as it was a belated birthday treat, I wouldn’t usually splurge on something as such myself, so I thought why not do something different.

The hardest part for me was deciding what on Earth I was going to wear. The dress code on the website says ‘elegant casual’, now I don’t know about you but my idea of elegant and casual are too completely different things. So I decided to be on the safe side and go for elegant, ‘better to be overdressed than underdressed’ as my mum would say. In this Chi Chi London dress and some black strappy heels.

Between you and me, I did feel rather like a Disney Princess.

However, the night started in a fashion I would consider far from elegant. This was also my first experience with Uber Pool. So it was already 30 degree heat and I’ve got this massive dress on but to top it off, I end up sharing the back of an Uber with a random French couple (who did not appreciate my dress sprawled across their laps) for what seemed like the longest car ride EVER.

We finally pulled up on the Champs Elysees (I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to get out of an Uber) and walked inside.

I had opted for the ‘Champagne and Show’ ticket, so although we were a little early for our slot at 9pm, when we arrived the room was already pretty full with the people who were there for the ‘Dinner and Show’ option at 7pm. This meant that we could get a good nosey at what the other guests had made of the ‘elegant casual’ dress code. As expected, not all lovely ladies took advantage of the opportunity to dress up as much as I did, but I didn’t feel out of place. Most men were wearing suits so James fitted in perfectly.

As we went on the Saturday night, there were quite a few larger parties – who filled most of the larger tables – so we were lucky enough to be seated in our own booth. And when the bottle of champagne arrived at our table, I was more than happy to help with that.

The show was beautifully glamorous and so typically Parisian. Just what my younger self had imagined.

Walking up the Champs Elysees afterwards, I found myself feeling incredibly empowered, having sat in a room full of people (old and young) appreciating the female form in all its glory, not one fastidious comment uttered at the sight of a nipple.

It wasn’t sleazy or lewd.

It was captivating and majestic.

Overall, a fabulous evening. ย A touch of glamour to our Euro trip on a budget, even if it didn’t quite end as I had imagined – sitting in front of the illuminated Eiffel Tower, in our fancy clothes, like something from a romantic film – instead, it ended with me walking the streets of Paris, in my princess dress, carrying my shoes.
It was nice while it lasted.

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